Friday, 31 May 2013

Climbing with Teenagers in Orhei Vechi

There are not many places to climb in Moldova and the few existing possibilities are hardly known, even by locals and even in Orhei Vechi, one of the most touristic places in Moldova.

Climbing site Orhei Vechi

The wall

View from the top

I had the chance to volunteer in a project organized by Outdoor Leadership Centre to familiarize local teenagers with rock climbing. Children are in general good climbers and it is a way to acquire some useful skills and abilities, like problem solving thinking, taking responsibility and it increasing strength and body awareness.

The day was organized for teenagers in Orhei Vechi.  A week before we talked to them to check if they were interested and to schedule a date. The first day, 6 enthusiastic teenagers showed up. After some hesitation in the beginning, they soon climbed the wall like they have done it their whole life. The second day, the children from the first day learned how to belay people and they belayed the other children.

While we collected equipment after climbing, the teenagers cleaned the river. To reward the children for their work Agropensiune Butuceni provided placinta, fruit juice and ice cream.

Thanks to this successful experience, the 5th of June will take place the next climbing event for local children.
Rest at agropensiune Butuceni

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