Monday, 1 July 2013

Time for kayaking

In May the summer season really started in Moldova with tropical temperatures: perfect weather for kayaking.  Fortunately there are some big rivers in Moldova, like the Nistru, where you can kayak. Usually this river is calm and the environment green. However, there are not many places where kayaking is offered. At least they are hard to find on internet.
No kayaking for French students

When a group of French students came to Horodiste during the last week of May they also planned one day of kayaking. On their request we found a cheap company in Vadul lui Voda. (15 euro p.p for a whole day, including guide)
To check out this company we went a day with team Vent d’Est and some other people for a trip of around 18 kms. The guide was a Russian speaking man with a beard and a lot of experience in kayaking. Shortly after the start we had a break as our guide needed to buy some cigarettes.  The next stop was for a picknick on shore while our guide had to buy lighter. Meanwhile we made a fire for shaslick (bbq).
Kayaking itself was relaxed, despite the need of some physical effort of the arms ofcourse. The way back, downstream was even better and much quicker. 

However, the day we were supposed to kayak with the students of France, the guided didn't have the life-jackets as promised, despite emphasizing the need of it. Unfortunately this meant a no-go for the students. Instead they had a beach day in Vadul lui Voda.

Weekend of Kayaking
Next morning however I got a call if I wanted to volunteer on a weekend trip kayaking in the North of Moldova. I said yes without even thinking of the weather forecast (which was not really promising). This trip was organized by Explore Moldova and we were with 16 people and 8 boats in total.
The trip didn’t start as planned as there were problems in transporting the kayaks: it is not always easy to organize something as you often can’t rely on agreements. However this wasn’t a reason to cancel the trip as another way of transporting the kayaks was found.
Instead of starting kayaking in the evening we camped close to Bursuc and took off next day. Fortunately also the weather was different than expected: not a single (rain) drop during the whole trip. While descending the Nistru we saw on both sides green hills, sometimes rocky, we passed bathing cows along the shore and regularly we stopped to stretch the legs and recharge energy (with a lot of energetic food). Yes, we were taken well care off.
In the evening we made it a fire and cooked a meal while enjoying the sunset . The next morning we continued peddling to Saharna. Again it was a beautiful day and at the end of the day we arrived close to the monastery.

Little hike
Cooking on shore
Kayaking with Vent d'Est

I don't have to miss kayaking as Vent d'Est bought various inflatable kayaks. Starting in the village of Busiusca (around 6 km from Horodiste) we will offer a tour to Tipova Monastery... Here some pictures of the try-out.
Frog around Buciusca

View close to Tipova Monastery

The kayaks



  1. Dear Inge!

    Happy Birthday to You!

    People in my circle who know you, both girls and boys, are:
    Look at YOU as AN EXAMPLE,
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    They L O V E you.

    In this nice August day we wish you to be always Respected, Valued, Loved and surrounded by people who Care about you and for whom you are a piece of High Human Value.

    You deserve all that!

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    Be HAPPY !

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  2. Hey I am Adrian and I am from Moldova. I wanna ask you where I can find a place where I will can train to do kayak ?

    If u know, can you contact me on e-mail: .

  3. Hey Inge

    Cool blog, I just wrote a long post saying that I was looking for travel tips then it got deleted.
    If you're free to e-mail about travel tips in Moldova then let me know, my e-mail is below.
    I'm visiting at the start of August and travel info is limited.

    I've got several of you blog posts saved for future reading, it's a good source of info.
    I hope you enjoyed your EVS, it's something I always wanted to do.

    as h o ksa k h (a) (t) ho tma il. co . u k [here's hoping that prevents me from receiving a load of spam]