Monday, 8 April 2013

French week extended

Last week there was the yearly French Film festival in Chisinau, organized by Alliance Francaise, and supported by the French embassy. During this event they show various ‘francophone’ movies for free. As it was full house every evening you can say it was a success. I also watched one of the movies in cinema Gaudeamus and we even got VIP places because the normal places were all taken.

This event was a reason for Vent d’Est to propose a French performance in Horodiste. In Horodiste, like many other villages in Moldova, French is the third language at school (after Romanian and Russian). In three days the teachers and children prepared a performance about French language with stories, songs and dancing under the guidance of an accordion. A representative of Alliance Francaise had some small gifts for the children to encourage them learning the French language.
I would say: chapeau for the children and teachers of the village!

Check a piece of the performance via this link:

French performance in Horodiste
Another surprise was for the librarian of the village who finally got a computer thanks to a school teacher from Belgium...

Computer for the library in Horodiste


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